Antonio Parronchi

From an early age, he has always been interested in painting, attending museums, specialized galleries, critics and merchants of the time.

Soon a new passion takes over macchiaioli and the 9th century he started collecting such works.

In 1962, the passion became a profession he started collaborating with various art galleries in particular with one. In 1975, he organizes a major monographic exhibition of the painter Oscar Ghiglia including a challenging publication.

In 1977, an important exhibition of Tuscan painting from neoclassicism to post-Macchiaioli opened and a significant publication was issued.
Since then, every year, in spring and autumn he organizes major exhibitionsconcerning Tuscan painting and other Italian schools of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

He oversaw the drafting of several monographs and many catalogs.
As a member of the expert committee of painting of the nineteenth century he participated in a number of important national antique events. His name appears in the register of experts and consultants of the Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Florence.

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